About Us


Target Trading has a worldwide presence. We are servicing clients across the globe today. Being in the field for over 10 years now, we understand the importance of building reliable data centers, secure trading platforms, and well-trained, efficient, and experienced support staff to solve your every query. Target Trading does not have a dealing desk. Thus, we ensure ‘No Conflict Of Interest’ and no price manipulations to assure you of stable trading parameters.

We also guarantee the transparency of data. The data you need to share while trading. We provide you with all the necessary information and tools so that you share only the data necessary for trading and only to a relevant extent.


At Target Trading, we are committed to provide you a safe and secure trading environment. This is especially important when it comes to depositing and withdrawing your hard-earned money. Target Trading lets you trade with unprecedented assurance and security. We take enormous measures to make sure your funds are handled in the safest possible way.

Segregation of funds

Your funds are received in the company’s fiduciary segregated client bank accounts. These funds are off balance sheet and cannot be used to pay back creditors in the unlikely event of the company’s default.

Bank accounts

The company maintains operational and client bank accounts with reputable international banking institutions.

Advance technology

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption between the servers to avoid any information leakage. Our data centers use both hardware and software firewalls to protect your data from intruders, hackers, and malicious code..


Target Trading services clients across the globe. We thus understand the importance of providing support in regional languages. We provide live chat support in more than 10 languages today. And that’s not all; we are continuously building our multilingual support desk and offers. Our dedicated customer support agents are on call 24/5 to help you with any queries or problems you may have.


One excels with practice. We offer you the opportunity to practice and hone your trading skills with a free trial account. The trial account provides all the important features that a live account provides. It also allows you to experiment with new trading strategies before trying them on the real market.

We also offer a series of short educational videos to bring you up to speed on the basics of how trading works. Our expert Account Managers will provide one-on-one training in your language. More experienced traders get great service and professional market insights from their personal dealer.


Target Trading provides desktop, web-based, as well as mobile trading platforms. Each of these platforms is 100% secure. Each of these has been designed for your selected platform. Each platform provides you with access to trade in hundreds of markets. Our periodic upgrades to each of these platforms are aimed at providing you with more value-added features. Our mobile and tablet platforms ensure that you don’t miss a single trade even when you are on the go!!


A trader needs to know a lot of technical terms that are often used by experienced traders. Target Trading provides you with a complete glossary of these terms to improve your trading concepts. To develop a strategy, traders use a variety of tools and techniques like “currency charts.” These techniques are based on past market movements that will help predict future activity. Get yourself well acquainted with such trading techniques from our educational videos. The effectiveness of technical analysis makes it a very popular trading technique. Refer to our economic calendar and ensure you don’t miss any important events that may influence the market.


Target Trading wants nothing more than success for their clients, which is why they will always have access to the most up-to-date information available in the world of Forex. Trade with confidence, with the most updated and reliable information and technology, including daily trading analysis, market and video reviews, advanced charts and live market feed.

We provide you with the cutting-edge technology needed to seize daily opportunities. Use state-of-the-art technology and infrastructures, analytical tools, and management systems, enabling us to inform you of your trades and their P&L – in real-time. And because we’re operational during all trading hours, you’ll be able to trade continuously in all the world’s markets, allowing you to profit from new developments and maximize opportunities.